101 Devotionals for Boys #61

 101 Devotionals for Boys from the Lives of Great Christians and 101 Devotionals for Girls from the Lives of Great Christians will both be published in 2017. We’re publishing one or two devotionals a week to give you a taste of what you’ll get in those two gift books. This one is based on a story from With Two Hands:  Stories of God at Work in Ethiopia (Hidden Heroes #1).


Dick McLellan set up his projector to display pictures on a sheet. He showed picture after picture of Jesus and explained who He was and what He did for us.

“If we trust Him,” he said, “then we can stand before a holy God!”

But just as he was about to call for people to repent of their sins, someone saw a large “creature” on the sheet and started whacking at it. Others did too. Everyone started yelling.

By the time Dick realized it was just a little bug on the projector lens, everyone was in an uproar. “Should we quit?” he wondered.

“No, this is the work of the Enemy,” whispered his friend. “Let’s try again.”

It was worth it. When Dick called for people to repent, many did. Even one of the most notorious murderers of that whole area trusted in Jesus.

Satan loves to use distractions to turn people’s hearts away from Christ. Don’t let him win.

“Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth!” ~Psalm 78:1

Father in heaven, help me to keep You in my thoughts. Don’t let Satan win the victory in my heart through distractions.

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