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Reviews and Testimonials for Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories

and other books by Rebecca Davis

I’m pausing from our school day to send you a quick note… THANK YOU for all the love and work you put into the book series “Hidden Heroes.” The stories have been such a blessing to our family! . . . They have just really been exactly what I wanted to find! I love that they’re true stories and they read aloud SO WELL!! The end of chapter Scripture and discussion questions are so great. I cannot stop recommending them to friends. ~Becca, mother of three

“Incredible, beautiful, challenging. Marvelous.” . . . “Incredible story of God at work.” . . . “Dramatic and exciting. He is worthy of praise!” . . .“Marvelous.” ~Sonlight curriculum reviews of various Hidden Heroes books

It’s not often that my kids cheer multiple times during the reading of a book. They laugh, they frown, but rarely do I see them clap, whoop, or shout “Go God!” while we’re reading. Yet Rebecca Davis’s new middle grade book Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia, is just such a book. . . . . ~Danika Cooley, Thinking Kids blog. Click here to read the full review.

We are REALLY enjoying The Good News Must Go Out!  I wish you could see the spontaneous smiles that appear on the kids’ faces as we read.  They love Kongi and the way everyone calls Margaret “Mama” (and “BIG Mama”!).  And my heart is just stirred as we read!  We serve such an amazing God who delights in meeting our needs in the most unexpected ways. ~Melissa, mother of four

With Daring Faith was one of my favorite books as a child. The story of Amy Charmichael, the brown-eyed girl who grew up to be a missionary in India and tried to rescue as many little children as possible from the horrors of being temple prostitutes, was one of the few bright spots in a very difficult childhood. I read the book over and over again, wishing that Amy Charmichael was still alive and would come rescue me. This book will always hold a special place in my heart. ~Kayla, former child

Your books have changed my life! . . . You have a heart to rejoice over God’s wisdom, His providence, His ability to deliver what a soul longs for and needs (even if it takes 20 years to come to pass). I just love your books. I have hugged my daughter with joy as we read your books, looked into her eyes with awe for Him as we read of His will being done, rejoiced and cried at a human being’s hunger and thirst for righteousness. The books are just so great, they are amazing! ~Lisa, mother of four

Dear Mrs. Davis, I really appreciate your book [Fanny Crosby: Queen of Gospel Songs]! I was amazed at Fanny Crosby’s joyful faith! It was amazing to think that even when she was blind she could trust the Lord. Then I realized that I wanted to be like that, and I needed to be like that. Sometimes I do not have that attitude, and I’m not blind! I also want to ask you if you will pray that I will have the attitude of Fanny Crosby. My mom and I talked a little and I decided to have a quiet time. After I prayed I felt like I had a new family, a new Father, and a whole new life. I couldn’t wait to get started! ~Leandra, age 9

This [Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories of God at Work in Colombia] was exactly the kind of book I was looking for for my kids, to inspire and encourage them. I am excited to see that it wasn’t dumbed down for kids, it is real and true. My kids begged me every night not to stop reading.  These stories have inspired my girls to tell others about Jesus and be bold for the call on their lives. I am telling all my friends about these books! ~Jen, mother of four

We just finished reading With Two Hands at the dinner table after family worship times. What a great story. Several chapters had me tearing up with joy! Praise the Lord! We just started your Mueller book. Your style is hitting our family ages just right (four kids 6-16). ~John Crotts, pastor and author of  Loving the Church: God’s People Flourishing in God’s Family

We bought [George Mueller] and read it to our girls a few years back. We ALL LOVED IT!!! So well written and very captivating! We were greatly inspired and hated to finish it because we enjoyed it so much! Then we lent out our copy and told our friends it was a “must read” for their children! Thank you for the blessing you’ve been to so many families through your well-written and inspirational books! ~Pamela, mother of two

My [seven-year-old] daughter just finished reading With Daring Faith earlier today. She brought it out to me and said, “You just HAVE to read this book, Mom! It’s really great! You’ll LOVE it!” ~Sheri, mother of three

My aunt who [is dying of cancer] was so encouraged by your book With Two Hands . . . She and her husband decided that this Christmas they would send out a copy of your book instead of a Christmas card, so they sent over 200 copies to a collection of Christian and non-Christian friends. My aunt, who is a firm believer and a strong evangelist, shared the stories of your book with the people she was with on the hospital ward.  ~Catherine Mackenzie, editor, Christian Focus Publications

I loved this book [Fanny Crosby]! oh how i loved this book. i read it to my daughter and i wept while reading some of the chapters. God is loving and trustworthy even amidst the hardships of life, and Fanny had many such difficulties, but she praised God through it all. Wonderful, wonderful book for adults and kids alike to be reminded that God can do great things through a life yielded to His will. When we are finished with the current school year and i sell curriculum, i’m keeping this book Can’t wait to read more from this author! Thanks for a great contribution to children’s literature! ~Amazon reader review

Last night at dinner, one of my children said “When we finish reading it, can we see the movie of With Two Hands?” ~Sharon, mother of five

I know I’m young, but now I want to be a missionary. ~Lily, age 10

Congratulations on your entire series of Hidden Heroes books, and thank you for sending me the Message from the Author and Chapter One of Hidden Heroes #4 [Return of the White Book: True Stories of God at Work in Southeast Asia]. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. . . . I will offer [Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia] for sale in my meetings nationwide. ~Don Richardson, author of Peace Child and Eternity in Their Hearts

“The kids and I LOVED [George Mueller]! We are just about to start Witness Men and can’t wait! Thank you for your books, they have been a huge blessing to our family.” ~Rebekah, mother of four

Danika Cooley: “I really do love your books. They make me teary-eyed in recognition of God’s amazing grace. And my 11 year old whooped when I told him we were receiving a new book from you.” ~Danika Cooley, mother of two and author of www.thinkingkidsblog.org 

My heart was touched by the wonderful stories [in With Two Hands] of how God has worked and continues to work through His servants in Ethiopia. If we read these inspiring stories to our children and grandchildren, we may well find a rekindled heart for missions and be encouraged to pray that the Lord of the Harvest might send out more laborers into His fields. ~ A.A. “Buzz” Baker, Assistant to the President, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc.

I really liked  With Daring Faith. It’s my favorite book to read about Amy Carmichael! Thank you for writing books like these! ~Anne, age 13

The Good News Must Go Out: Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic is an inspirational, heart-gripping story that I can’t help but share with others. I was moved to tears many times as I came to know Margaret Nicholl Laird, an amazing hidden hero and missionary who took the gospel to the heart of Africa. ~read the rest of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine review here

What a wonderful book on the life of George Mueller the Lord enabled you to write! I have tried reading different books to our children about him, but they were all disappointing. What an exciting, joyous surprise to find your book full of the excitement and enthusiasm that I had always thought should shine forth from a testimony of the life of such a man of prayer. We have been and continue to praise and thank God that He enabled you to write the book so that we can enjoy reading it together. Thank you for being a willing vessel in His hands. ~Vicky, mother of eight

With Daring Faith was one of the best books I have ever read. In fact, I have read this book THREE times in the past two years! It really brought Amy, aka Amma, to life. She actually became a real person to me. I also got to know what India was like through the book. The author did an excellent job with the description and the storytelling. I would truly recommend this book to someone wanting to know more about Amy Carmichael. ~JacketFlap review

In all these chapters [Lights in a Dark Place], it feels like we’re going on a big adventure. I can’t believe they’re true! ~Angela, age 10

We were able to read The Good News Must Go Out before it was published, and my kids were hanging on every word and still talk about some of the stories. ~Alicia, mother of four

My husband read Fanny Crosby last night and said it made him want to cry. Our daughter insists that I read it, too, which I plan to do. You must be an excellent writer to be getting such rave reviews! ~Jennie, mother of three

Rebecca Davis’s Hidden Heroes series of books perform the vital service of introducing the Church’s next generation to the exciting things God is doing around the world in his world-wide plan of redemption. Witness Men does this in an especially captivating manner. May it inspire some future missionaries. ~Elinor Young, missionary to Papua, Indonesia

Every biography I read before was boring, dull, and just didn’t seem to turn me on. But my thoughts changed when I read this powerful, exciting, inspiring, and thought provoking biography, With Daring Faith, by Rebecca Davis. This book tells the true story of Amy Carmichael’s unpredictable life. It takes you on a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of Amy’s courageous missionary work in India. I honestly don’t know how you could read this book and not be convicted of your sins and realize how wonderful our God really is. This biography of Amy Carmichael is without a doubt the best biography I’ve ever read. Reading this book made me realize how hungry Amy Carmichael was to share the Gospel with so many people, and it inspired me. I highly recommend this book! It is an easy read, short, but great book. I promise you’ll enjoy it. ~Sam, age 15

This biography [George Mueller] by Rebecca Davis is a chapter book that explains the life of George Mueller in a way that is perfect for beginning readers. However, the storyline of the book will entice readers of any age, as the miracles and wonders described in this book are a great testament to us all about the power of prayer and proof that we serve a living God. ~Rainbow Resources review

With Two Hands is a collection of 18 amazing stories of God’s work in Ethiopia in the mid to late 1900s through the ministry of Dick and Vida McLellan. The stories will keep you on the edge of your seat with bated breath as you encounter witchdoctors, angry mobs, armed tribesmen, corrupt officials, and harrowing escapes. Each story clearly outlines the hand of God in the lives of the missionaries and their co-workers. . . . The power of God was undeniable in the things they witnessed during their time there. ~Read the rest of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine review here

What a great book! George Mueller: A Father for the Fatherless [now George Mueller: Pickpocket to Praying Provider] is a biography for younger children (I read it to my 8-year-old daughter). He left quite an impact on England in the 1800′s having established orphanages where there were none, and supporting missionary causes during his 90 some years of life. He was also a preacher and traveled to 40+ countries encouraging others to also have the passionate, trusting faith he had in his own life that resulted in the success of these numerous orphanages. I had never heard of this man before reading this, but I see now he truly is one to be known. He changed the lives of thousands of children, and in turn thousands of families. I was really excited to learn of his testimony and pass his words of wisdom on to my own kids. ~Heather, mother of three

With Daring Faith was one of my very favorite books when I was younger. I read and reread this book! After reading about Amy Carmichael, I was convinced that I wanted to do what she did, and was especially happy to know that my eyes were the same color as Amy’s. Thank you for writing good biographies for children (though I wouldn’t say they’re just for children!). With Daring Faith was not only an enjoyable book to read, but also encouraging and inspiring. ~Jessica, former child

I really enjoyed reading The Good News Must Go Out. The length of each chapter is perfect and the style of writing is also very readable for fourth graders. Your sentences and paragraphs are of the appropriate complexity and length for fourth graders. The book is interesting so that either a teacher could read the book aloud to the class or a fourth grader could read it on their own. ~JoAnn Fitch, fourth-grade teacher

This book [The Good News Must Go Out]  is one which may cause those who work amongst today’s hardened youngsters tears of joy as they read how the Lord used men and women who were prepared to sacrifice life in the civilised West to take the Gospel to some of the most heathen areas of Africa in the mid-20th Century. The manner in which the Lord honoured their faith and dedication to transform individuals and whole societies is very touching – and challenging. ‘The Good News Must Go Out tells the remarkable and wonderful call and experiences of Margaret Laird – of Baptist Mid-Missions USA – in the Central African Republic. We learn of her unusual and unlikely call to missionary service. We read of her trials when she has nothing but the kitchen table to serve as an operating theatre, her hesitation to live among cannibals – and the wonderful and genuine conversions of children she helped, who later took the Good News back to their own people and to others in great need of God’s forgiveness and love. Each of the fifteen chapters is compelling and easy to read, and will be much enjoyed by children. ~Tabernacle Bookshop review

I heard recently about a book that I was so excited to read [With Two Hands: Stories of God at Work in Ethiopia].  It’s a collection of stories about a missionary in Ethiopia and the amazing things God did through him and others to spread the gospel of Jesus.  I read some parts out loud to hubby and we just marveled at it.  We really look forward to reading it to our kids when they’re older.  True confessions — I couldn’t put it down and read the whole thing in one day.  I highly recommend it! ~a family adopting from Ethiopia

When I was eleven, With Daring Faith was my favorite book. I honor [Amy Carmichael] for the love in the work that she did, and the faith that held her steady through a difficult and challenging life. She was an amazing woman. With Daring Faith brought much of that to life for me when I was young. I remember being inspired by Amy’s story and being challenged to live a more honest, open life because of it. . . . You also told a great story, and told it well. I remember being on the edge of my seat—and being opened into a deeper awareness of social issues. ~Katie, former child

George Mueller: A Father to the Fatherless will bring enjoyment, learning, and spiritual growth to the whole family. Without glamorizing the sin, Davis tells the story exactly like it is. Aimed at elementary children, there is enough true and exciting adventure, sorrow, and joy in this book to interest everyone from preschoolers to adults. George Mueller makes an especially good choice for a family read-together session or devotion time. Schools and church groups will enjoy reading and discussing it.  ~ Donna Egget, christianbookpreviews.com

With Daring Faith was my favorite book when I was young. I kept it under my pillow for a whole year. ~Melinda, former child

Dear Mrs. Davis, I love your books! My favorite is With Daring Faith. I think it’s one of the best biographies I’ll read! ~Katie, age 11

With Daring Faith was very, very exciting! I love how it explains things! ~Grace, age 11