New devotional books for teens and pre-teens

I’m excited about these new books!


They’re devotional thoughts taken from the mighty works of God all over the world: true accounts in the Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories books and the Potter’s Wheel biographies. Each devotional, of course, has a pertinent Scripture and prayer, such as what I’ve been posting here on this website in recent days. Back covers of both are similar:

They’re coming out next month in the UK and shortly after that in the U.S. You can see them at the website of the publisher, Christian Focus Publications, here and here.

I hope the Lord will use them to encourage many young people in Himself and the power of His glorious grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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2 comments on “New devotional books for teens and pre-teens
  1. MotherLydia says:

    What is the difference between the books? Do they have the same devotions inside, just different covers? I see you are only posting excerpts from the boys book here but I have a daughter and a son.

    • Rebecca says:

      They’re completely different. The girls’ book focuses more on women, and the boys’ book focuses more on men. I haven’t posted any from the girls’ book, but should. Thank you for asking!

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