My newest book, in Colombia! Hidden Heroes #5

I’ve been remiss in posting for weeks! It’s because I was working feverishly on my next book, the first draft of which is now finished and sent off to to the missionaries so they can check for accuracy, and to reader families, so they can tell me where it’s boring and where it’s confusing. In every book I always write a Message from the Author, telling how I happened to write about that particular country. Here’s this one.

All my life, everything I had ever heard about Colombia, South America, was frightening. I heard that Colombians were always killing each other, that they raised and sold more mind-controlling drugs there than any place in the world, that people lived in constant fear of their lives. When I thought of Colombia, I thought of revolutionaries in camouflage uniforms with machine guns, I thought of violence, of destruction, of terror.

In the past few years, through the Voice of the Martyrs, I had heard that God was opening new doors in Colombia, even with those very men in camouflage uniforms and machine guns. I became excited about participating in the parachute project for Truth Packs. I heard from short-term mission leaders that certain parts of Colombia now actually welcomed American Christians with excitement, to come and give them the gospel.

Then, in January of 2013, I heard Russell Stendal speak at a Voice of the Martyrs conference. The amazing things he told us about what God is doing in Colombia led me on the path of research . . . and a book.

Because he is a pilot, Russell Stendal has been able to penetrate parts of Colombia that others can’t reach.

Was I right in my assessment of Colombia? Completely, and it was even worse than I had imagined. But what I saw as I researched was real people, with loved ones and hopes and miseries, delivered from darkness, and then counting their lives as small lights that they wanted to shine like lasers for the advancing of the Kingdom of God and the delivering of souls and the crushing of the enemy in a cosmic battle. Some of them, God preserved miraculously time and time again. Some of them, though, were gruesomely killed in a moment of terrible violence. But if those lights were snuffed out, without fail more arose in their stead. I watched the blood of the martyrs spill on the hard soil of the rocky mountains of Colombia to grow as the seed of the Church.

My prayer is that one of the real people in this book that you’ve never heard of before will now stand to you as a hero of the Christian faith. I pray that these stories will show you even more clearly the terrible schemes of the Enemy of God, the eternal value of the Kingdom of God, the awesome power of the Love of God, and the desperate need of those in Darkness.

If this comes to pass, then my desire and goal for this book has been accomplished.

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