“Lights in a Dark Place” chapter one

I’m posting a chapter a week of my newest Hidden Heroes book, until the contract is signed. Each one will be up for about a week and then removed, so catch it while you can!

Chapter 1

Let’s Get Started

“Who are you, you crazies?” One Colombian man spat right in the face of John Harbeson. “You want to give me that devil trash?” He took the Bible and threw it down and ground his foot into it.

“The priest said you’re from the devil!” another man yelled. “You don’t honor the Virgin!” He threw a rotten tomato at Jack Thomas. And another.

“Ha! Ha! Look at those gringos!” The whole crowd jeered and pointed. “Those evangélicos!”

It was 1935. John and Jack had come to Colombia to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a land whose people saw themselves as Christians. But the Colombians feared the Bible—the priest told them it was dangerous to read it—so they had no idea what it said. They were told that the evangélicos were from Satan.

This chapter was posted for about a week and then removed. You can look forward to reading it when Lights in a Dark Place is published in the fall of 2014.

About the Missionaries

Jack and John and Rachel came to Colombia with a mission organization called World Evangelization Crusade, founded by C.T. Studd. The stories of their work in Colombia, along with that of several others, can be found in the books Modern Crusaders: The Challenge of Colombia and Mountain Movers. Elof Anderson and his wife Isabel went as missionaries to Colombia in 1937 with The Scandinavian Alliance Mission, which later became The Evangelical Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.). Elof wrote the book Hacaritama about his work in Colombia, but the story recounted in chapter 1 was told to me by his son Timothy, who was born in Colombia and has served there all his life.

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