Five-star Review and Giveaway of “Return of the White Book: True Stories of God at Work in Southeast Asia”

We’re taking a break from the serial publications of the chapters of Living Water in the Desert: True Stories of God at Work in Iran to post the book review and Giveaway, which you can see firsthand at this location:
With many thanks to Mommy Blogger Elizabeth Ours for her review!
I am privileged to know author Rebecca Davis in real life.  At one time, we both attended the same church in Greenville, SC.  She is a caring and compassionate person with a heart for the gospel and a gift for telling the amazing true stories of missionaries.  She has chosen to use her talents to communicate these stories in a compelling way to capture the attention of elementary-aged children.
Return of the White Book: True Stories of God at Work in Southeast Asia is book #4 in the Hidden Heroes series.  Return of the White Book tells the stories of tribal people groups in the hill country of Burma during the 1800s.  Oppressed by the Burmans and living in constant fear of the nats — evil spirits who served the head evil spirit Mukawli, the hill people of Burma waited for the return of the lost White Book from the true God Yuwah. They believed Yuwah had departed from them after the first man and woman had eaten of fruit forbidden by Yuwah. Mukawli tempted the first couple until they finally ate of the forbidden fruit, falling from Yuwah’s grace and becoming slaves to the nats.
Early missionaries to Burma found people living in fear, darkness and spiritual bondage, yet open to the truth of the one, true God, because a supernatural awareness of God was written on their hearts.  Children will be mesmerized by the true stories of lives radically changed by the powerful gospel of Christ.
God’s timing is amazing, and I received this book while my daughter, Ashlyn, was on a mission trip to Myanmar (formerly Burma)!  I immediately started reading it aloud to my youngest children, ages 9 and 11, and was pleased to discover that this well-written book kept their attention.  I think this book is perfect for family read-alouds or devotions for children of all ages, and is well suited to be read independently by 9-12 year olds.
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