Living Water in the Desert: True Stories of God at Work in Iran, chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3

Wild Woman in the Desert (Mary Bird)

“Khanum Maryam! Khanum Maryam! You must come quickly!”

Mary Bird looked up from her studying. Ever since she had arrived in Kerman, Persia, in 1891, she had been called away for one emergency after another. Persian women weren’t allowed to see a male doctor, and there weren’t any women doctors, so whenever Mary could snatch a moment, she studied medicine, to try to give what help she could.

Quickly Mary grabbed her traveling cape and hurried out the door. “What is it?” she asked the young woman at the door. A wife who had been beaten almost to death by her husband? A child with a cut that hadn’t been cleaned properly that was now terribly infected? A woman dying in childbirth?

“It’s my mother, the woman with devils!” the young woman gasped. “She’s wild! She’ll kill everyone if we let her loose! You have to help her!”


This chapter was posted for a week and then removed. Read the whole book when it’s published in 2015!


Chapter 4

The Only Prophet That’s True (Rajab)

“I have to kill him. I have to just kill him.” Rajab muttered the words to himself over and over.

Who would have thought that his revered teacher—the aged man who held so much wisdom— could utter such heresy? No wonder he had always avoided talking about religion! The conversations of the last few days swirled in Rajab’s mind.

“Please tell me which religion you think is true!” Rajab had begged him. “And which holy book you think is the right one.”

The old man had hesitated. “I’ve read many holy books,” he said. “But the only prophet who impresses me as true is the prophet Jesus.”

Rajab clutched his head in agony, remembering his teacher’s words. How could it be?


This chapter was posted for a week and then removed. Read the whole book when it comes out in 2015!

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