101 Devotionals for Boys #16

 101 Devotionals for Boys from the Lives of Great Christians and 101 Devotionals for Girls from the Lives of Great Christians will both be published in 2017. We’re publishing one or two devotionals a week to give you a taste of what you’ll get in those two gift books. This one  is based on a story from Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories of God at Work in Colombia (Hidden Heroes #5).


Because the Franco family had become Christians, their enemies tried to burn their house down, with them in it. But miraculously they escaped.

Everyone was shocked to hear that they were now living in another town. But even more, they were shocked to hear that the Francos loved their enemies and wanted to do good to those who had tried to kill them. Their new faith in Jesus Christ was a sure faith, a faith for which they would willingly suffer.

“How can this be? How can they be willing to die for this faith and love the ones who tried to kill them?”

Secret believers began to announce their faith. “I’m a Christian. I’ll host the church meetings in my home.” Around the house that stood blackened and destroyed, new families declared their faith in Jesus Christ.

True Christianity is a sure faith in a sure Savior who works through radical love and peace.

“Truly I say to you, the one who listens to my words and trusts in the one who sent Me, has everlasting life. He will not go into judgment, but is passed from death to life.” ~John 5:24

Thank You, God, for Your sure faithfulness! Help me to have this radical love and peace.

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