The cover for my new book! “With Two Hands”

It’s for the book of missionary stories due out in March in the United Kingdom and in May in the United States. I’m so happy with it!

When people ask me which of the true stories in this book is my favorite, I find it hard to choose. But the chapter that I want most to tell at my storytelling events is chapter 15, “The Interrupted Meeting.” That’s the story in which hundreds of Ethiopians are gathered for a hillside meeting, with Mr. McLellan speaking. When the communists’ truck drives up—led by the God-hating powermonger—bent on dispersing the meeting and killing some of the leaders, lots of the women jump up from the hillside and run to a hut on the top of the hill and throw themselves on the floor to cry out to God, declaring His power over the forces of evil.

Meanwhile, the church leaders are facing off with the communists, and God provides miraculous deliverance.

Not only that, but once the communists are gone, a revival falls on the hillside, and many souls are brought to repentance. And not only that, but . . .

One of the many true stories in this book that display the power of God! You can read a different sample chapter of this book (chapter 11, “The Crippled Missionary”) when you click on the  link above.

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