Educator Resources for “Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia”

To download and print pictures from Witness Men for coloring, you can go to the Witness Men page at Christian Focus Publications and scroll to the bottom to view “Associated Media.”

Chapters 1 and 2: Discovery! and Across the World
*    A website about Richard Archbold, the explorer who discovered the tribes in the interior of what was then called Dutch New Guinea
* The National Geographic article  from March 1941 in which Richard Archbold describes his discoveries.       
* Two well-known women went as missionaries to the tribes of Papua, Indonesia before the time of this book, Darlene Deibler Rose and Doris Van Stone. Darlene wrote the book Evidence Not Seen. Doris wrote Dorie, the Girl Nobody Loved. Students can research and write about these women and their work, their ministry in the United States, and how the life of Darlene influenced the life of Doris.
* Activity page:  Large Color Map for Witness Men 
* Activity page: Study the Map!  
* Lower elementary handwriting practice Mark 16.15

Chapters 3 and 4: The Golden Age of Hai  and Power Pieces
*    An article written by missionary Alice Gibbons (wife of Don), that shows a photo of Chief Den
*    Photos and description of Tom Bozeman’s experience at the cannibal feast
* Activity page: Cultural Connections
* Answers for Activity page: Cultural Connections–answers
* Upper elementary handwriting practice John 4.13-14
* Lower elementary handwriting practice II Timothy 1.7

Chapters 5, 6, and 7: Nabelan Kabelan?,  Jabonep the Witness Man, and Burning the Power Pieces
* Activity page: Building an Airstrip
* Answers for Activity page: Building an Airstrip–answers
* Upper elementary handwriting practice Romans 10.14
* Lower elementary handwriting practice I Chronicles 16.23-24

Chapters 8 and 9: Words of Life! and I Saw You in My Dream
* A brief history of Gospel Recordings, which is now called Global Recordings Network.
* Trailer for “The Tailenders,” a PBS documentary about the progress of Global Recordings Network around the world.
* A memorial issue of the Gospel Recording magazine, dedicated to Joy Ridderhof.
* Opportunities for short-term mission trips with Global Recordings Network.
* Activity page: The Story of Gospel Recordings
* Answers for Activity page: The Story of Gospel Recordings–answers
* Lower elementary handwriting practice John 5.24

Chapters 10 and 11:  Sprinkling Cool Water and Peace Child
*     An interview with Don Richardson, as he tells the story of his work among the Sawi.  Excerpts are shown from the video version of Peace Child, made in 1974 (available for purchase at Amazon and other places).
* Activity page: Standing Against the Enemy
* Answers for Activity page: Standing Against the Enemy–answers
* Lower elementary handwriting practice Ephesians 6.11
* Upper elementary handwriting practice Isaiah 9.6

Chapter 12: Changes in Church
*    A photo of John Dekker and his family
* Activity page: timeline of mission work in Papua, Indonesia
* Answers for Activity page: timeline of mission work in Papua, Indonesia–answers
* Lower elementary handwriting practice II Corinthians 5.17

Chapters 13, 14, and 15: The Spirit Who Loves, Bad Legs Woman, and Bible Party
*    Fascinating photographs, especially of Phil Masters and his family, in Elinor Young’s photo albums:;;
*    Photos of Elinor Young herself, working alone among the Kimyals
*    Elinor’s blog, which details some of her thoughts and observations about not only working with the Kimyals, but also her battle with polio
*    The short version of the video made about the Kimyal tribe receiving their New Testaments.    A longer one is available on YouTube, here.
*    Orin and Rosa Kidd’s blog about the Kimyals, full of fascinating details and photos.
* Activity page: What Is Polio?
* Activity page: I Can’t Really Be a Missionary, Can I?
* Answers for Activity page: I Can’t Really Be a Missionary, Can I?–answers
* Upper elementary handwriting practice Ephesians 3.19
* Lower elementary handwriting practice Galatians 6.9