Educator Resources for “The Good News Must Go Out: Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic”

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Chapters 1 and 2:  A Mother’s Prayer and The Button Girl and the Street Sweeper

 Chapters 3 and 4: Third Class and Kongi the Goat Boy

Chapters 5 and 6: The Two Sultans and Jiggerfoot

Chapters 7 and 8: Cannibals? and The Man with a Hole in His Chest

 Chapters 9 and 10: A Visit from the Elegant Lady and Mananga the Wood and Water Boy

 Chapters 11 and 12: Missionaries from Cannibal Country and Gotta Work Sundays

 Chapters 13 and 14: Kongi the Missionary and Mananga the Missionary

  Chapters 15 and 16: You Need a Hospital and The Sultan’s Prayer